The D6VILS Tea Party


New York is being torn apart by a plague of demonic killings. To catch a murderous mastermind and save the city from madness and the macabre, one man has learned how to think like a killer.  As he delves further into the dark and twisted recesses of the killer’s mind, Jake soon realises that there is more to the recent wave of murders than meets the eye. To catch his man, Jake is forced to confront the demons of his own past, and uncover a sinister truth that threatens to tear his world apart! Paul Michael Campbell’s debut novel is a nail-biting psychological thriller that will blow you away. For the next big thing in the name of terror and suspense, you are formally invited to “The Devil’s Tea Party”.

I was recommended this book by a friend and despite satanic storylines not being my usual choice of read I decided to give it a buy... Superbly written with twists throughout.
A must read!

S. Weston verified Amazon purchase 5 star review


If you are looking for a real gripping page turner then I cannot recommend this book enough. This book


goes from 0-60 in seconds, A well thought out thriller with twists and turns and laugh out loud moments.


The writer has it all, I now cannot wait for his next book.

James Mac Millan Amazon reader 5 star review


Both Devils Tea Party Photograpgy and Artwork is available for Purchase. Please enquire at the contact page.

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Artwork "Blondie"

Artwork inspired by the Ghost face victim 'Blondie' Ghost face decapitated her upon realising her blonde roots not before shaving her bald first.