The Team

Father, friend, and lover of all things beautiful and creative. Born in London in 1978, Paul Michael Campbell was raised in an era when synthesised music, neon lights and high fashion reigned and fictional characters were bold and iconic. This era is definitely reflected in his writing. He has a passion for twisting plots, gripping dialogue and memorable characters who provoke a deep emotional response. While he is a fan of many genres, his love of horror and psychological thrillers definitely shines through in his work.

“I want to create characters who readers love to hate, and others whom they simply cannot help but fall for. I strive to break the conventional mould of the classic “who done it” crime thriller. I want to create a vibrant yet darkly seductive world where my readers can ride a wave of tension and suspense through to a thrilling climax. Expect the unexpected and prepare to be shocked and thrilled in equal measures. If you are a fan of descriptive which places you right there in the scene, fast paced dialogue and surprising plot twists, then you will definitely enjoy my writing.”

Author: Paul Campbell

Manny Donaldson: Creative Director

Scot Greenwell: Devils Tea Party Artist

Kerryanne Allen: Social Media Marketing